Sunday, August 16, 2009

Magazine Storage


I had an idea for my magazines. I’m really excited about it! I am in the process of getting all my magazines spiral bound. First I organized my magazines by title and year. I put binder clips around the ones that I wanted bound together. I wouldn’t recommend doing more then 4 or 5…so I split the magazines up that I had a year’s subscription. I also had the Stampin’ Up catalogs and Angel Company catalogs spiral bound as well.


I took my magazines to Office Depot and had them cut the edge off and spiral bind them.


I cut some tags out using my Cricut and wrote what magazines were in each book. I cut the tags 2” from the Alphalicious catalog.


Now I’m sure you can get super-ooper creative with your tags…but I decided to just go with a black and white theme. Then I laminated my tags using self-seal laminating pouches for business cards. The 2” tag is perfect because you can laminate 2 with 1 pouch.


So that my tags weren’t totally plain I put a flower on each side that I cut out using the George cartridge on a 1” setting and attached them using a white eyelet.


So then I just attached the tag to the spiral binding using a piece of ribbon.


Here’s how they look on the shelf.


The one huge advantage to spiral binding magazines…


You can lay them open flat!!

Hope this helps and gives you ideas on how to organize your magazines!!!

Happy Scrappin’



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