Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back From Scrapfest and Some!!


I’m not sure how the heck Michelle traveled with me…I’m seriously the worlds worst traveler. Evidently I was such a wreck the guy sitting kitty corner from me on the plane couldn’t quit looking back at me…seriously!! Here we are getting to the Rapid City Airport to fly out! I don’t look it…but I was a hot mess of nerves! lol…

Flying out!

What a fun weekend! Scrapfest itself was slightly disappointing…however….spending the weekend with Michelle, her Mom and Niece was lots and lots of fun!! Lots of giggles, laughs and good times! It was also lots and lots of fun to meet Dan from Fancy Pants and Madison from Echo Park Paper. I’ve “met” these guys on the phone so it was great to put faces to voices!!

Here is Dan from Fancy Pants and I in front of Achievers…


Here is Madison from Echo Park Papers, Michelle and I…


So the Make and Take lines were CRAZY!! There were women who brought chairs so they could sit in line…before we left I was super super excited to stand in line for however long for every make and take. I made it through one line and then gave up :-( My stamina wasn’t quite what I hoped….Lol…

make and take

Michelle and I also happened to be in the right spot at the right time…and yes…we did get a photo with Tim Holtz!! How great is that??!!??

Tim Holtz

So we didn’t have the brilliant idea to get a photo of us in front of the Mall of America until the last day…and to think we call ourselves scrappers!!!

Mall of America

I want to share a couple of layouts that I have done…these are older ones…but I love them just the same!! My Grandfather passed away and I made an album to have at my Grandmas house while she received guests over the weeks after he passed. It’s so fun to go back and look at old photos…my Grandpa John was quite the handsome fellow!!

Layout #1

This layout is one of my favorites of my daughter…I think the paper is why I love this layout!! My daughter turned two in July and let me tell you what…I love her to death…but I’m pretty sure if she would have been our first…there probably wouldn’t have been a second!! lol….she truly is amazing and I love every moment I have with her!

Layout #3

It’s been a long weekend and I’m headed to bed…I will try to update with new pictures of my Scrappy Space!! I have done lots in there since my initial room post a few years ago! Happy Scrapping! :0) Heather

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