Monday, September 27, 2010

My Scrappy Space Now!!

So before I get started…I personally think that the best thing about being a Mom are the random things that my children (Sammy – 5 and Paige – 2) do for me to tell me or show me that they love me. My son says once or twice a day “Mom I sure do Love You!” and occasionally I get the random flower picked from the flowers in the yard…or the yellow ones growing in the grass…none the less it makes my heart smile just the same!!


So I didn’t clean up very well when I took these pictures! I have decided to go with a Black, White and Pink theme in there! It is so much fun!! I am wanting a black chandelier eventually in there and a black counter height table in the middle…but I think I can make due for now!! lol…

This first pictures is now the view from the far door. I just put up the Chandelier black and white curtains yesterday and I’m way excited about them!!!


Here’s the view from the main door…


This is the wall to the right of the main door…still pretty much the same as last time…my inspiration board is starting to fill up though!! I’m running out of wall space though so I don’t have room for another one :-(


Here’s a close-up of my inspiration board! Fun things I’ve received…I want to use…or ideas I printed out…or things I don’t want to loose.


This is my work area! I am in the middle of sorting my photos and starting a new layout…


My collection of H’s…so exciting!!!


Left side of the shelves…


The center of my shelves…


Well that’s just about it for tonight….I was going to post some of my new layouts. But I think I will just make you wait until tomorrow! Happy Scrapping!!! Heather

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