Friday, February 24, 2012

Everyone Has Stuff They’re Good At….

I have discovered or…rather remembered after about 3 hours that I can not bake….no matter what I do or try I just can’t bake. I’m not sure what makes me think I can….I suppose the getting lucky and finding the perfect cookie recipe added to the confidence that I had going into the kitchen today. Needless to say it isn’t a pretty site.

My day started off very productive…with another Pinterest project. I made the Apothecary Jars off of Dollar Store Crafts blog. Here is a preview and a link to the tutorial.


I bought the last three tall vases at our Dollar Tree, 3 candle sticks and a set of 4 glass bowls. I also ran to Home Depot and purchased the knobs for the lids. I used my trusty E-600 adhesive to glue the candle sticks on the bottoms of the vases and the knobs on the bottoms of the bowls….and there they sit. While I patiently wait for them to dry until I can put them to use.

Then I moved on to the next project….pop can flowers. I had a stash of about 20 cans that needed cut up and backed with foam. Then I started cutting with the help of one of the best little crafters in training I know. When that project was all said and done I now have 70 flowers that need assembled.


So after this started the trouble with my afternoon. I found a super yummy recipe for Oreo Cupcakes on Pinterest. I got out all the goodies and put them together. Well….I thought I was doing good until after they were in the oven for a few minutes I realized I hadn’t set the timer. That’s okay right….I’ll just keep a constant eye on them and they will be fine.

On to the next project. I went with Mini Banana Cream pies also a recipe off Pinterest. Well I went the lazy route and bought the graham cracker crust already done….little ones. They looked so cute and yummy! I made the filling…it doesn’t taste half bad. So I think I’m golden. (I’m still checking the cupcakes and they are not done.)

Get all my little mini pies done and I’m going to put caramel drizzle over the tops of them….well it was pretty for about 32 seconds…then because the filling was still warm I now have a total disaster. My pies are edible but they don’t look it.

Back to the cupcakes…in a matter of nano seconds…I’ll be darned if they didn’t get a little golden…and by a little golden I don’t mean burnt…but golden enough to be crunchy….yes crunchy. I can still save this I’m thinking….so I make the frosting. But guess what….my $10 mixer from Wal-Mart decides it doesn’t want to work anymore. So now I’m whipping frosting by hand. Which tastes like….well….not good.

So at the end of my baking experience….I have 11 gross looking mini banana cream pies….a cooling rack of crispy cupcakes….and a burnt up mixer! Go me!!

So I think the best thing to do is give it up for the day and try again tomorrow!!!

Have a good night! Heather

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