Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Weekend….

I had a busy weekend….spending time with my cute little family…cleaning…organizing…and finishing up little projects I had laying around.

Saturday morning we started the day off with one of our favorite new breakfasts we got off Pinterest….the only thing I do is I put them inside cupcake wrappers so they don’t make a huge mess in the pans.

I was able to move around my dollar store apothecary jars (see prior post) and filled two of them with wine corks for the kitchen….not sure where the third will go yet.


I made a lotion mix I got off Pinterest from this website….for my incredibly dry dry hands. So far so good! No burning from the lotion and my hands are incredibly soft!!! It goes on very thick…so a little goes a long way!


I wrapped up and put backs on almost 80 pop can flowers to sell at a tradeshow and on my Etsy Store (which is kind of bare at the moment!)  Check out my Facebook page…I just jumped on the bandwagon and got it started!!


Sunday was all about vinyl….I started the cleaning my office/craft area. Wow….I had to clear a path to get through the door. I hate that I let it get that way, it’s so unproductive.

I started cutting vinyl. I took a lamp that I bought for my daughter at a consignment store and added some pink flowery designs to it….it’s pretty self explanatory. I cut the vinyl with my Cricut. To know how large to make the design I measured the width of the lamp. Which was 3 1/2”. Hit the Fit to Length feature button on my Cricut and set the size dial to 3 1/4”. It automatically calculated that the design needed to be 3” tall. So I cut out six (I didn’t put any on the back) and went to sticking.



I cut out 2 chandeliers to go on my boring gray laptop in black and pink. I could have swore I had white vinyl…but I couldn’t find it. I would like to add a 3rd on in the lower left corner in white.


Then I made the “Bat Signal” as my son calls it to go above his desk in his room. However, I was informed that I did it wrong so when I tackle organizing his room this week I will redo it. Evidently the bat is supposed to be black not yellow…but I was just following the picture on the box for the Cricut cartridge….sigh.


Hope everyone had a good weekend! This week is my first official stay-at-home mom week…no working until April when my life saving and sanity saving mother-in-law returns from her vacation. So it will be interesting to see how it goes! I plan on getting lots of school work done, crafting and working through my house cleaning and organizing one room at a time!!

Have a great night!! Heather

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  1. Glad you liked the body butter recipe. Thank you for linking me to it :) I appreciate it.