Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabric Covered Boxes…..So Easy….

First off….pizza with Cauliflower crust….was delicious! Everyone in our house ate it and loved it and there was not one complaint!! Here’s the recipe.

I started the daunting process of cleaning my daughters room. I don’t know why I let them get so bad before I take care of the problem. So this time we are doing some new organization.

I am going to have my husband take the closet doors off for us and maybe hang some curtains on the inside….or figure something out. I’ve never had good luck with closet doors and I’m tired of them. So to get started on that project I’m going to have to tidy up the closets.

The first thing I did was to hang hooks all along one section of the closet for my daughters many costumes (her favorite being a red Power Ranger costume…when she wears it she makes us call her Scott.) My kids love to dress up so this will hopefully  (fingers crossed) keep the costumes off the floor.


So the next problem to address (not really a problem because I’m so grateful for it….) are the two bins of hand me downs from my sister-in-law and the unsightly shelf.

Now keep in mind…these boxes AREN’T perfect and they are messy…but on a shelf 6 feet up they look great! The cost $0….can’t beat FREE!!!!


So don’t mind the clothes in between….they do need to be sorted out and clothes that are too small pulled out!

Here’s the steps for the boxes….I scored my boxes from a liquor store. They stack them up outside every day. I grabbed 4 to get started.


While the glue gun warmed up I measured my boxes by measuring the height+width+height+4” and then height+length+height+4”. 


I cut my fabric and quickly ironed. Then I centered my box on the fabric and folded up the corner to figure out where to start gluing….I placed quite a lot of glue (I’m quite adhesive happy) on the corners. Folded all four in then I started on the sides.



After all 4 corners were done I pulled the sides up to fold in to make a somewhat flat surface…with gathering at the corners. (Hopefully my pictures will show better than I’m explaining)


I put the box on its side and went crazy with the glue and folded the flap down.


Do all four sides and the box is finished. Now you could do it much neater and line the inside to hide the mess…but beings as mine aren’t going to be used for anything but storing extra clothing I wasn’t too worried about that.


For the chalkboard on the side. I cut a piece of chipboard 3”x5” and a piece of chalkboard Contact Paper….about 4”x6”. Put the Contact Paper on the chipboard and trim corners like so.


Fold the edges to the back side….Hot glue on and the boxes are ready to go!!!


So super sloppy…I didn’t buy any supplies…I just used fabric that I had hence the hodge podge of fabrics. When you pick fabric, use a thicker fabric. My light pink box is so light you can see the writing through the fabric.


Tomorrow I will wrap up P’s bedroom and get started on my sons….

Have a great night!!! Heather

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